How to Generate Your Best Leads From Your Website

When it comes to generating sales and revenue with inbound marketing, one of the key terms is lead conversion. Every businessman wants to create more revenue by having more people interested and invested in their product or service.

But many people often get caught up in trying to get a lot of leads, instead of considering what is really going to be the best for their business in the long run: good leads. via web pbn

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Good Leads Are Better Than More Leads 

Common (and effective) methods of generating leads include Search Engine Optimization, Pay Per Click, social media, press releases, and outbound marketing activities. These are all methods of marketing that drive traffic, and potential leads, to your site.

While increased traffic and a surplus of leads will often appear to be a beneficial thing, it could be an indication of some problems with your sales funnel and pre-qualification process. If these problems continue, they may very well suck the life right out of your business.

 In an effort to meet the demands of numerous small, insignificant leads that you don’t want, your business runs the risk of overlooking those qualified leads that could generate the increased revenue your business has been looking for. Juggling many small leads soaks up the time and energy that could have gone toward making big leads super successful.

How To Get Great Leads

Getting great leads starts with a good SEO strategy. An effective SEO campaign looks at your particular business, product, or service and decides how or what it should market to attract the right buyer persona. From there they work backwards to identify the right keywords that will direct the right traffic to the right place on your site to produce the greatest sales. 

The biggest contributing factor that often determines the success of of your SEO strategy and sales funnel is how well you communicate. Your website should clearly communicate every important aspect of your business so as to direct the right buyer persona through your sales funnel and convert them into a lead. Here are some specific ways you can improve the impression and communication of your website to attract more big leads.

The biggest tools you have for ranking better is the application of the inbound methodology by a trusted Inbound Marketing Agency. Before you take the dive into Inbound, get a free consultation.

Simplify Your Site

Studies have shown that people find simple website layouts to be far more attractive and convincing than complex ones. An excellent website is one that clearly communicates the purpose and capability of your business while allowing your viewers the opportunity to find the information they are looking for.

Designers have found that employing 1 to 3 Calls To Action on a page is a far more effective strategy than having 20 to 40 available.  Viewers can become overwhelmed by a noisy or busy layout, while a simple, clear structure allows designers to create Calls to Action that will truly provoke viewers to action and move them along the sales funnel.

Improve Your Web Design

A study done by a firm in Portland shows that 75% of users initially judge the credibility of a brand by the design of its website. With that in mind, be sure you do not neglect to choose a simple, beautiful, and attractive design for your website. Don’t be afraid to spend time looking or creating a design that will attract your specific buyer persona. Investing time in improving your web design will help give your users a pleasant experience and maintain their trust in your brand.

Strategize Your Graphics

Be sure to consider how the content and graphics of your site can increase your conversion rate. Studies have shown that images of people tend to draw the eye more than other images, and we also tend to follow their gaze. Designers have used this element to actually help direct people to important information on a page. 

When managing an ecommerce site, high-quality images of your products from multiple angles is another way for you to communicate reliability and quality to your viewers. Graphics applied to Calls to Action can also impact your conversion rates.

Communicate the Benefits of Buying

By clearly laying out all the benefits your customers can enjoy, it gives viewers an opportunity to look at their lives and to perform a cost-benefit analysis. A clear communication of the reliability of your brand and the excellent services you offer will give potential leads all the encouragement they will need to make the decision to move forward.

Depending on the buyer persona your business is geared toward, these benefits can also include ones related to the social circles they might run in. A impression of being behind the times often causes people to seek out information, products, or technology that will put them back inside the ‘in-crowd’.

Communicate the Drawbacks of Not Buying

The reason people like to be in the loop is because it is not fun knowing you do not have or know something that everyone else seems to have or know. Marketers and designers can actually use this to their advantage by pointing out what a person would be lacking if they did not invest in a product or service.

While all of these tips are methods of optimizing your website to attract the greatest number of leads, your ultimate goal is to attract more of the right kind of leads; the ones that will benefit your business in the long run. By strategically pursuing these leads, businesses can increase their chances of making real sales and generating great revenue with far less effort.

Here at Fannit, we are committed to helping small business achieve their full potential by setting up a marketing strategy that will meet the needs of their buyer personas. For more information on how Fannit can help your business reach new heights, contact us us here!

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